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Wall Streeters, recently published by Columbia University Press, gives its readers invaluable historical insight into the structure of  American high finance today. Below is recent commentary about the book:


"A fast and timely primer on how the US got the financial markets it has today.... [Wall Streeters] is a book that every college student, baby boomer and voter ought to read."

      - Financial History Magazine


"Enjoyable to read, easy to understand, Wall Streeters is a compendium of the last 150 years of ups and downs in American finance. Ed Morris uses the informative lens of biography to bring this history alive, and they are all here, from the saints to the sinners. Along the way readers will learn the value of finance to our nation, despite Wall Street's problems."

      - David Cowen, president, Museum of American Finance

"[Morris] puts a human face on Wall Street.... Experienced Wall Streeters will enjoy this book. Students of finance should be required to read it."

      - Seeking Alpha


"Wall Streeters is a wonderful narrative review and an interesting read. This book will be very significant for students, academics, and investment professionals if they want to understand and learn from the mistakes of the past."

      - Victor Ricciardi, finance professor, Goucher College

"A worthwhile read for those looking to understand the roots of the financial crisis and the present state of the economy."

      - Publishers Weekly

"[A] retelling of the careers and the personalities... who formed today's world of high finance."

      - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Wall Streeters is a long overdue book by a highly respected student of American finance. Readers of this book will develop a fuller understanding of how and why Wall Street has become what it is today."

      - George H. Walker III, former chairman, Stifel, Nicolaus & Co.


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